Saturday, October 20, 2007

Apartment Residency Programme

Over the last three years Apartment has supported selected recent graduates, we have worked with artists to enable them to explore their developing practices and make new work. These ‘residencies’ have enabled artists to focus on their work for an extended period of time under the auspices of Apartment. During this experimental program we have shown the work of four artists, collaborators Zac Ingham and Cath Corlett, Cherry Tenneson and Maeve Rendle as part of this ongoing experimental program we are currently working with writer EP Niblock.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Writer in Residence

In a continuation of Apartment’s ongoing experimental ‘residency’ program we are delighted to announce the selection of a writer to work with over the next year: EP Niblock will employ the methodologies of archaeological practice and theory to investigate Apartment, its location and institutional role. She will be researching the potential for hosting cross-disciplinary symposia scrutinizing the boundaries between architecture, psychogeography and visual culture. With our support, Miss Niblock has revealed her diary in the form of an online blog entitled ‘Diary of a Bluestocking’ which outlines her exploration and current research of the urban environment. We look forward to presenting more of her findings to you over the next twelve months and in the meantime recommend that you visit:

"Euphemia Pubert Niblock, 145 years of age, archaeologist, adventurer, flaneuse and intrepid explorer, epitomises the spirit of the Edwardian spinster. Her daring exploits and fearless nature were the talk of the empire: in her day as celebrated as contemporaries Gertrude Bell and Freya Stark, her notorious rivalry with Agatha Christie was ultimately her downfall.(Rumours of her implication in the case of the writer's famous missing 11 days still persist and are the cause of some residual rancour). Emerging rather mysteriously from the dusty bowels of the British Museum into the present day her ‘Diary of a Bluestocking’ records the ruminations of this rather unfashionable anachronism as she tries to make sense of her unexpected navigations into the contemporary cultural landscape."

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Cherry Tenneson

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Maeve Rendle

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Zac Ingham and Cath Corlett

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